To enter & for your chance to win, read the directions below. 👇

1.) Shoutout the page and use the hashtag 👉 #gvneshclothing .

2.) You may enter the contest more than once.BUT YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONCE A DAY. 

3.)  There will be two randomly chosen winners selected from the hashtag list

4.) Winners will receive Cheetah Supreme Bandit, and a Givenchy Medvsa Head Tee. (as seen in the pic above)

5.) Spread the word and follow all rules for your chance in winning the grand prize. (Clothing is Unisex)

- Good Luck & Vibes to Everyone!

American Apparel New Haven Store. 51 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511. April 2010.


Zodiac Files: Gemini and Sex.


if u don’t get a reply i’m either 

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • blogging
  • masturbating
  • watching tv series 
  • or i just hate you 

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